Common Questions 

What services do you offer? 
Jarryd provides psychiatric and diagnostic evaluations and treatment. His approach involves a thorough assessment which may result in a recommendation for prescription medications that adhere to FDA regulations and standards, nutraceuticals like herbs and vitamins that are not regulated, a medical workup to rule out other conditions that may mimic psychiatric symptoms, and/or a referral to therapy.  

Do I need a referral?
Mental health care is primary care. No referral is necessary. 

What are the current rates? 
For uninsured: $300 for 60 minute evaluation and $150 for 30 minute followup.
For insured: Your rates will depend on factors such as co-insurance, deductible, and co-payment. 

What Insurances do you accept?
Currently taking United/Optum, Aetna, and Cigna. We are no longer taking new Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.

Are discounts available? 
Yes! If you see a therapist and do not have insurance, the rates are discounted 50%, or $150 for evaluation and $75 a followup.  

What about out of network benefits?
We take any plan with out of network benefits. Not only will we provide you with your plan's information, but also personally help you file the claim. Reimbursement takes less than a month in most cases.

How often will I see you?
Every case is different and tailored to your needs. Some individuals may need to be seen monthly, while others may need followup only once a year. Your schedule will be discussed at your first appointment.

Where are you located?
2600 1st Ave. South, St. Petersburg, Fl 33712

Can I see you virtually?
Yes, we've partnered with Zoom for secured Telehealth. If you live anywhere in the state of Florida, you can see us for high quality psychiatric health care and management of your medications. 

Do you offer a phone consult to make sure I am a good fit? 
Yes, on the home page click link "schedule appointment" and pick a 10 minute slot. Please feel free to email, text or call us directly too.

What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychiatric nurse practitioner?
Psychiatrists are physicians who complete a medical degree (MD/DO) with post graduate training referred to as residency. Psychiatric nurse practitioners complete a master's degree with focused training in psychiatry. This often complements years of bedside experience in acute care settings. Psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses provide overlapping services based on their training and experience. Regardless of training, experience, or background- a good clinician knows what they can treat and when they need to refer out for a second opinion or specialized care. All licensed medical providers in Florida adhere to strict ethical principles. 

What else should I know? 
Before choosing a medical professional, ask how much time they spend with you. At Winding Arbors we utilize a full 60 minutes for the first evaluation and followups are 30 minutes. You will never feel rushed in our practice. When choosing any provider for your medical needs, make sure to ask how much time they spend with you.